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New  Era  College  of   Science  &  Technology

    College Code : 1125                                                                                                                                               Counseling Code : 1025  

Our Vision

The combination of teaching excellence, top quality education, industry partnership and tailored courses at the New Era College of Science & Technology are among the significant factors that lure students from all over the country.
In this era of knowledge and technology driven economy globalization and liberalization, every employer and industry house seeks employees to be productive and possess skills, competence, and values. This is exactly what NECST endeavor to provide to our students. The spirit of innovation, modernization and student centric teaching-learning are the pivots of academics at New Era.
The institute believes in creating and disseminating knowledge and skills through innovative educational program, developing a new cadre of professionals with a high level of competence and deep sense of ethics and commitment to the code of professional conduct.
"I welcome each one of you to our alluring campus where latest technology, innovative teaching methodology and quality education are imparted to create globally accepted technocrats, perfect managers and skilled engineerings to fulfill the growing demand and to cater to the management & engineering needs of the nation."

Sunil Chaudhary


Rajeev Malik


In today's world, speed has become the sole evaluation criteria of efficiency. How fast a task is completed and what kind of resources have been used are the two key inputs which contribute in delivering quality with efficiency. And both of these variables are expeditiously changing as outcome of existing globally competitive environment. Thus there is a strong need of such institutions to produce.
Technocrats, Managers and Educationists who not only could effectively face the global competition, but also are able to create space for them to establish and contribute to the national development by increase in geometric progression.
I take pride in expressing that NECST has the diversified courses in the areas of Scinece, Technology, Management and Education. All of these courses though, are duly recognized by the university/cousil/boards of repute to provide student a feeling of distinct and authentic identity yet they hold acute focus on providing sutdents and environment equipped with modern technological resources besides instilling strong value system.
Students, when undergo a course at NECST, they enjoy the feeling of infusing enormous confidence at every step of teir development. Inculcation of values makes them a strong person with exemplary leadership skills. I am proud of a strong team of professionals with proven track record who believe in practicing before what they need to preach to their students. We are able to transform individuals into being the future leaders of our nation.
I wish all the success to my entire teaching & administrative professionals and best of luck to all my students.

From The Chairman's Desk

From The Secretary's Desk

Create a dynamic, learning focused environment of excellence and innovation that is built upon the institute's culture of providing intellectual inputs duly blended with strong value orientation.
The college also aims at achieving a leading role with globally recognized standards and generate professionals with strong leadership & entrepreneurship skills.